Since 1995, our passion for wine has been the driving force of our business.

We believe that every winery has a unique and wonderful story to tell, shaped by the different vintages they faced during the years as every bottle holds its own tale from the vineyard to the glass. We are committed on taking part of this cycle uncovering the finest Italian wines and making our clients as successful as possible with our finds.

The wealth of experience we have accumulated over the years is at the disposal of our clients with the purpose of establishing solid and profitable relationships between our wineries and importers worldwide. We pride ourselves on our ability to connect the right people together, ensuring a mutually beneficial partnership.



  • Use our knowledge of Italian wines and foreign wine market to find the best Italian wine for your needs
  • Purchase your wines directly from the best wineries at the best pricing on the market
  • Taste and explore all our wide portfolio of Italian producers in our showroom in Langhe area
  • Source your wines just from producers (and not bottlers) with traceability from the vineyard to the bottle
  • Contact just one person to place orders from different wineries (all around Italy)
  • Let us support you in your market with your events and tasting and/or during your visit in our partner wineries
  • Do you want to create your own brand of Italian wines? Let’s create it together

Contact us if you are interested in our offer, so that we can give you a quick feedback on how can we assist you based on what you are looking for.


  • Build and manage your brand in the market utilizing our know how
  • Establish long and fruitful relationship with the right importer for your company
  • Work with only the most reliable and qualified importers on the market
  • Receive marketing assistance free of charge (Ads, label/brand design, market targeted wine blending)
  • Reduce costs and expenses both in terms of money and time, so you can redirect those resources towards expanding and developing your business.
  • Reduce the samples you send abroad, thanks to our platform “Vinai del Borgo” we buy your wines so that we can stay in touch with your wines and have them available for tasting during the incoming of our partner importers

Contact us to identify how can we support your company based on your products and on our referenced markets, to evaluate the possibility of partnership.

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